Lutadores de MMA opinam da luta Condit vs Diaz

Muitos atletas e lutadores de MMA utilizaram o twitter para opinar sobre o polémico resultado do DIAZ X CONDIT no UFC 143:

@danhendo Dan Henderson

“Wow, I would not want to judge that one. I had it even after 4. And diaz in the 5th”

@MieshaTate Miesha Tate

“I thought Condit won the fight I know Diaz is pissed but Condit had a solid game plan that worked, I thought he won for sure”

@titoortiz Tito Ortiz

“I had a draw! #UFC143”

@JoeLauzon Joe Lauzon

“I eagerly await fight metrics for this fight… I thought Diaz won that all night long.”

@SiyarTheKiller Siyar Bahadurzada

“4-1 Condit!!!!!!!! Perfect performance!!!!!!! As I said the only way to beat Diaz was to confuse and irritate him!!!!!!”

@TimKennedyMMA Tim Kennedy

“I HATE judges! @ufc”

@patmiletich Pat Miletich

“That decision was an absolute joke. At best, Condit won 2 rounds.”

@MiguelTorresMMA Miguel Angel Torres

“I score this fight 50-45 in favor of GSP. @ufc”

@Jens_Pulver Jens Pulver

“Diaz wins via ring generalship, one moving forward, one moving backward. Ala delahoya vs Trinidad in my opinion, it’s 3 opinions that judge”

@mattlindland Matt Lindland

“Great fight Diaz 1,2,5 Condit 3,4”

@jonfitchdotnet Jon Fitch

“I think condit won”

@mark_munoz Mark Muñoz

“Gr8 fight! Think Diaz 4 rounds to 1. We’ll see! #ufc143”

@TheCodyMcKenzie Cody McKenzie

“Wow really goes to show you how bad these judges suck Carlos ran the entire time”

@joshneer josh neer

“Wow. Nick got robbed 4-1 diaz. Carlos was doing the Forrest Gump #runforestrun”

@RondaRousey Ronda Rousey

“If I wanted to see a man run for 25 minutes I’d go to a track meet. Diaz is the real champ, what a bulls*** fight”

@CungLe185 Cung Le

“I meant Diaz rounds 1,2 & 5 and Condit 3 & 4”

@EllenbergerMMA Jake Ellenberger

“You got to be kidding me…”

@BrianStann Brian Stann

“@carloscondit won that fight in my opinion, so happy for him, put a belt around his waist!! He is a great person & father”

@thugjitsumaster Yves Edwards

“I wanted Nick to win but there’s no way Condit won 4 rds backing up.”

Resumindo, lutadores e ex-lutadores que:

– deram a luta para Diaz: 12 (Dan Henderson, Joe Lauzon (atualizou twitter), Tim Kennedy, Pat Miletich, Jens Pulver, Matt Lindland, Mark Munoz, Cody McKenzie, Josh Neer, Ronda Rousey, Cung Le, Yves Edwards)
– deram a luta para Condit: 4 (Siyar Bahdurazada, Miesha Tate, Jon Fitch, Brian Stann)
1 empate (Tito Ortiz)

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